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Things work better after unplugging.
Including you.

Unplug! self-care packs slow down the frenetic pace of life and facilitate many hours of me-time. The purpose is to prevent overwhelm, through tried and tested aromatherapy and mindfulness exercises. Artisanal yet pocket-friendly, each care pack comes with a free audio guide designed for five minutes of unplugging that engages the senses.

Unplug! Self-Care Packs by Aleyda Academy

Care packs in Singapore were first popularised in 2020 due the Covid-19 pandemic. The sense of isolation and misery brought about by the lockdown and quarantines triggered an outpour of care and concern for our fellow comrades. Care packages became an overnight sensation.

We decided to jump on the bandwagon. For a long time, Aleyda’s mobile-spa business had to cease operations because the very touch that was supposed to heal could prove to be fatal. So we began putting together our very own care packs using aromatherapy, candles, massage tools and spa tea. Soon we were sending out messages of care all over Singapore! And looks like these care packages are here to stay… 

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Aromatherapy Care Pack

Aromatherapy Roll-on Care Packs

10ml Tranquility – $19
10ml Calm – $17
10ml Bliss – $17
Velvet Pouch – free
Breathing-meditation Audio – free

Our best-selling care package harnesses the therapeutic powers of essential oils and mindful meditation to invite positive feelings of tranquillity, calm or bliss. Custom-blended by our in-house aromatherapist, these aromatherapy oils have been used extensively in therapeutic body treatments since 2015. Formulated for daily use and good for 12 months.

Aromatherapy Care Pack
Meditation Candle Care Pack

Meditation Candle Care Pack

150g Reverie – $24
150g Stillness – $19
Candle-gazing Audio – free

This care package employs the age-old yoga technique of candle-gazing (trataka) to clear the mind and settle the nerves. The mild, delightful scents of the soy candles neither overwhelm nor distract, making them suitable for meditation. Yields up to 35 hours of burn time and comes in two variations – Reverie and Stillness.

Meditation Candle Care Pack
Candle, roll-on and spa tea in a bundled care pack

Unplug! Bundle Care Pack

Candle + Roll-on – $39
Aromatherapy Tea – $1.80/sachet
Breathing-meditation Audio – free
Candle-gazing Audio – free
Tea-appreciation Audio – free

This Unplug! care package allows you bundle any meditation candle and aromatherapy roll-on. Level it up further by adding our choice selection of artisanal aromatherapy tea from Gryphon.

Candle, roll-on and spa tea in a bundled care pack

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Unknotify© Self-Massage Toolkit

Unknotify is a self-care pack designed for those who suffer from persistent aches and pains. It contains self-massage tools and two-year access to an extensive library of video guides and pain diagrams. The premium toolkit incorporates all items in the Unplug! Bundle Care Pack, allowing for a more immersive, relaxing experience.

Unlike other self-care pack or care package in Singapore, Unknotify is an evidence-based toolkit painstakingly researched and developed by experts in therapeutic massage. When used as directed, it provides endless relief from muscle tension, common aches and pains, and overwhelm. Recommended as a care package for corporate wellbeing or a loved one. 

Self-Massage Toolkits (Unknotify)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What Can You Find in Aleyda’s Singapore Care Package?

Imagine a care package as a delightful bundle of joy, specially crafted in Singapore to bring comfort and relaxation. Each package is thoughtfully filled with items like Meditation Candles and Aromatherapy Roll-Ons, perfect for encouraging a peaceful and rejuvenating time for anyone who receives it.

Q2: Is It Possible to Order Care Packages in Bulk for My Team?

Certainly! We are more than happy to accommodate bulk orders for our care packages. They are a wonderful way to express appreciation and care towards your team or colleagues, adding a personal touch to corporate gifting in Singapore.

Q3: Are Care Packages Suitable as Gifts?

Indeed, our care packages are a wonderful gift choice. They are a heartfelt way to show someone that you value their well-being, making them ideal for various occasions, or simply as a kind gesture to brighten someone’s day. They have been gifted as wedding favours, birthday gifts and corporate incentives.

Q4: Do These Self-Care Pack Focus on Mental Health?

Yes, they do. Our care packages are carefully curated with mental well-being in mind. Products like Aromatherapy Roll-ons and Meditation Candles are included to aid in relaxation, offering mental-health support in a gentle and soothing manner.

Q5: How Can I Order Aleyda’s Care Package in Singapore?

Ordering a care package within Singapore is a breeze. Complete an enquiry form or drop us a WhatsApp to make your order. Subject to stock availability, we usually can send your order out within two working days.

We regret that we currently can only take orders for care packages within of Singapore due to the high cost of shipping overseas.

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