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81% of desk workers are in pain

Wellness Courses for Desk Workers

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are the most common ailments in the workplace, leading to absenteeism, lost productivity, reduced work quality, higher turnover and increased healthcare costs. They are also commonly linked to depression and increased risk of developing chronic diseases.

Let’s reverse this trend together.

MSD issues are real. The situation is dire - if we do nothing about it.

When pain is felt in one part of the body, the source of pain is often
located far from the pain site.

This makes diagnosis and treatment tricky. Therapeutic massage, founded on modern science, identifies and relieves tight muscles
responsible for the pain.

This three-part wellness course introduces therapeutic self-massage to treat aches and pain associated with musculoskeletal disorders.
Through the use of pain diagrams, participants find the possible causes of their pain and acquire self-massage techniques for pain relief.

1: Self-massage for neck and shoulder pain
2: Self-massage for lower-back pain
3: Self-massage for upper-limb pain

Format: 60 min workshop, virtual or physical
No. of participants: Up to 30

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