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Wellness Boxes to Show You Care

Are you looking for a thoughtful gift for your loved ones, colleagues or clients? You’ve come to the right place! Aleyda Academy offers a selection of wellness boxes and wellness packs, curated and developed in Singapore by wellness experts. With a wellness pack, you can easily infect others with your genuine care.

Not Your Usual Wellness Box

Every wellness box by Aleyda Academy integrates meaningful learning experiences that bring these products to life. From audio resources to an extensive video library, we bring practicality and great value to every wellness package.

Our goal? To empower the user to feel whole again.

Self-Massage Toolkits (Unknotify)

Wellness Box (Unknotify)

Gift a box of healing! Unknotify is a DIY massage toolkit in a wellness box put together by experts in therapeutic massage. We’ve bundled self-massage tools, spa products and video tutorials all in one wellness package!

Retail Price: $49 to $89

Self-Massage Toolkits (Unknotify)
Care Packs (Unplug!)

Care Packs (Unplug!)

Fretted, frazzled or flustered? We got the solution! Our Unplug! wellness pack harnesses the powers of aromatherapy and mindfulness to boost mental wellbeing. Each comes with an audio guide for restoring calm and balance.

Retail Price: $19 to $39

Care Packs (Unplug!)

Discover Our Affiliated Spa and Wellness Destination—Aleyda Mobile Spa

Instead of a physical wellness box or wellness pack, consider an experiential gift of utter relaxation! We’re delighted to recommend wellness packages and spa vouchers under our sister company: award-winning Aleyda Mobile Spa! Thanks to its novel mobile concept, therapeutic spa treatments can now be enjoyed professionally and safely in the convenience of anywhere.

Retail Price: From $179 for a luxurious 90min home massage


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the massage tools included in Unknotify© suitable for all body types and muscle groups?

Yes, our wellness box includes versatile massage tools such as the T-Stick and massage ball, designed to accommodate different body types and target various muscle groups. Whether you’re addressing tension in your shoulders, back, legs, or anywhere else, these tools offer customisable pressure and precise relief, ensuring an effective massage experience for everyone.

How does the Unplug! wellness pack contribute to mental well-being?

Our Unplug! wellness package integrates the benefits of aromatherapy and mindfulness to enhance mental well-being. Each wellness pack also includes an audio guide aimed at restoring calm and balance through guided meditation and relaxation exercises. By engaging with these resources, users can effectively manage stress, improve focus, and cultivate a sense of inner peace, promoting overall mental wellness.

What is unique about Aleyda Mobile Spa?

Aleyda Mobile Spa introduces a novel concept in wellness by bringing professional therapeutic spa treatments directly to you, wherever you may be. This innovative approach ensures that individuals can enjoy luxurious spa experiences safely and conveniently, without the need to travel to a traditional spa facility.

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