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Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2022

“Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad.”


Looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift idea can be tricky. Because if there’s anyone in our life who’s difficult to shop for, it’s probably our dad. He seems to have everything, and if he doesn’t, it seems as though he doesn’t want anything. However it may seem, one thing is for certain – dads want to feel cherished on Father’s Day too.

survey has shown that one in five dads has been previously disappointed by their family not celebrating Father’s Day. This year, let’s make sure dad is amongst the four happy dads!

To make it easier for you, we’ve rounded up six great Father’s Day gift ideas – for just about every kind of dad!


1. Home Spa for the Hardworking Dad

Is dad involved in physical labour, or does he sit in the office all day? Either way, both jobs predispose dad to significant stressors, including  bodily pain. One way to combat all of that is by gifting dad a massage. Not just any massage, but a home massage!

Home massage makes sense because many dads don’t feel comfortable going to a day spa. So keep him home and throw him a surprise treat that he needs. Let a mobile spa bring the entire spa experience to the home. A professional one like Aleyda Mobile Spa would bring the complete set-up, including a treatment table, fresh linen, and even spa music. Talk about feeling like a king for a day!

If arranging a session for dad is difficult on Fathers’ Day, get him a Home Spa Voucher so he can book in an appointment at his convenience. Many e-vouchers these days can be personalised so you can skip the hassle of buying a separate card.


2. Self-Massage Toolbox for the DIY Dad

Ditch the traditional toolbox and get dad a special one not from the DIY store but from DIY massage experts. A 2016 study conducted on over 2500 older adults in Singapore showed that nearly 20% of the study’s participants experienced frequent bodily pain and aches in the past month.

However, the actual figures may be far higher due to traditional gender-role beliefs. Males, in particular, are socially expected to display attributes such as strength and power whilst restricting displays of emotions and weaknesses.

Thus, although dad may be in pain, he may not be openly discussing it! But you can make sure that he does not suffer in silence anymore. Gift dad a box of Unknotify – a self-massage toolkit put together by experts in therapeutic massage to “unknotify” stubborn muscle knots.

Besides spa products and massage tools, this wellness box also provides access to a video library of mini-tutorials on therapeutic self-massage. It makes a thoughtful Father’s Day gift idea for DIY dads who experience frequent chronic pains!


3. Steak Dinner for the Foodie Dad

There’s nothing like a good steak dinner to satisfy the foodie dad. And we believe nothing yells “I love you” better than a 300-gram Prime Angus or a Rib Eye steak that’s seared to perfection. Here are some options…

You can’t go wrong with Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, with their world-renowned steak and lux fine-dining ambience! Or if you’d like to up the ante, The Armoury Craft Beer Bar offers a steak buffet every weekend and on public holidays. For less than $40 each, both you and dad can enjoy a free flow serving of rib-eye steak and side dishes to your hearts’ content.

If you prefer to cook for dad, check out this curated list of Butchers in Singapore for quality meats, sausages and poultry. Prepare the grill and you’re all set for a cozy, meaty Father’s Day dinner at home!


4. Go Hiking with the Adventure Dad

If your dad is outdoorsy, then hitting the trails is the way to go! Hiking is both an inexpensive and accessible activity. It’s also a two-for-one deal, as being physically active and spending time in nature has been reported to produce immediate benefits such as reduced blood pressure and stress levels and improved immune functioning.

As Singapore has over 20 hiking trails, you and dad will be spoiled for choices! Some of the more popular hiking trails you can consider are Southern Ridges, Pulau Ubin, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and MacRitchie Reservoir Park, to name a few. Here are a few tips for your upcoming dad-and-me hiking trip.

  • Adjust your hiking style according to what your dad can handle.
  • Do not compete with dad; focus on spending quality time and enjoying the moment.
  • Do not overreach the hiking distance. For beginners, keeping it below 15km is wise!
  • Stay hydrated! It’s easy to get heatstroke while hiking, especially in sunny Singapore.


5. Gadgets for the Techie Dad

Truth be told, there can never be enough gadgets to satiate the techie dad. Before last year’s Father’s Day gizmo gets shelved away, why not gift dad something that doesn’t go obsolete so quickly?

Here are our top picks for wellness gadgets:

  • Hatch Restore Smart Sleep Assistant: Instead of getting jarred from your sleep by a blaring alarm clock, gift Dad a wake-up light that lets him wake up more gradually. The wake-up light mimics a sunrise. It also doubles as a sleep inducer by dimming its light just like the sunset.
  • Oura Smart Ring Health Tracker: Give dad the gift of health with this smart ring that tracks various aspects of his well-being, ranging from his sleep quality, stress levels to heart rate. The ring will then make personalised recommendations to maintain good health. It goes further to even predict when Dad might fall sick.
  • QardioBase2 Wireless Smart Scale: This scale goes beyond just showing dad’s weight. It tracks changes in the body composition, such as muscle, fat percentage, water content and bone mass.

For more Father’s Day gift ideas for the techie dad, dive into the world of gizmos at Gizmodo.


6. Tee Off with the Golf Dad

Father’s Day is one of the busiest days at golf courses globally. And it’s no surprise – dads and golf go together like bacon and eggs. So, pick up the club and indulge dad in one of his favourite hobbies!

You could serve as his caddy if you don’t want to play, or step into the role of his golf buddy. Either way, dad will be delighted to do what he loves most – spending time on the green and spending time with you!

Now what if you and dad are golf noobs but are keen to give it a try? Then you must have a go at High Definition Golf™ by Pan West, said to be one of the world’s best golf simulators. Computer vision technology, along with advance tracking, make this a highly realistic golf experience without stepping onto the greens. Additionally, you get to travel the world to experience some of the most renowned golf courses!

Of course, you both could putt away like a pro on the golf course. Several options in Singapore that are open to public include:

There you have it – our six gift ideas for Father’s Day! Whatever you decide to give dad, be sure to give it from the heart. There’s no better way to make him feel cherished and loved.

Happy Father’s Day to all dads!

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