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Interview with Unknotify User: May Lee


Desk-bound manager finds pain relief in Unknotify.

May Lee, 49, is a mother and manager in the travel-technology sector. More than two decades of desk-bound work and physical stresses have contributed to musculoskeletal pain in her neck, shoulders and back. She now shares her experience as one of the first few users of Unknotify. 

Q: You had some pain before using Unknotify. Tell us about it.

About seven years ago I began suffering from achy neck, shoulders and back. The pain intensified over the years, perhaps because of the stresses of sitting at the computer. I also didn’t have as much me-time as I would have loved to. Eventually I developed very tensed neck, shoulders and back. And my arms felt numb and heavy.

Q: Was the pain a hindrance to your daily activities?

Not really. I could still push through the day, just that sometimes the back was stiff and I couldn’t bend forward properly. But at one point it did become so bad that it affected my sleep. And you know, when your sleep is affected, your quality of life deteriorates as well. 

Q: Did you see a doctor?

Yes, I did. I was afraid the pain was a symptom of something more serious. So I was referred to an orthopaedic doctor. This was about two years before Covid. It was then that I was diagnosed with cervical spondylosis in the C4-C5 region, confirmed through MRI. My understanding is that it’s wear and tear of the vertebral discs at the base of my neck that was causing the pain.

I was prescribed pain medication and supplements for nerve repair. But I avoided medication as much as possible unless the pain was unbearable. 

Q: How was your pain after that?

I had good days, and bad days. The pain escalated when Covid struck and I found myself working from home, off a laptop on a makeshift desk. I also developed new pain in my ankles and feet. It was hard.

Q: How did you find out about Unknotify?

I am a regular client of Aleyda Mobile Spa. I call them over to my home from time to time to fix my pain issues. When I read on social media that they came up with a self-massage toolkit, I had to give it a try. I thought it’d be wonderful to be able to fix myself. 

Q: Has it helped you?

It has not cured my condition but it helps me ease my pain when I need to. Through Unknotify, I’ve also gained understanding into how muscle tightness in one place could cause pain elsewhere. In my case, I’ve learnt that my neck condition is linked to my arm numbness. I’d never quite made that connection. That insight has helped me target my pain points better.

Q: How do you use Unknotify?

I use the aromatherapy roll-on for my neck and general relaxation, and the T-stick for shoulder tightness. The massage ball helps me with low-back pain, especially after sitting for a long time – I use it to complement stretching.

Q: Why would you choose self-massage over a professional massage therapist?

I don’t; I still do both. Self-massage is great for regular pain management but still requires me to put in consistent, hard work. When I’m totally exhausted, I’d rather call in the expert. But now, with a better understanding of my condition, I can direct the massage therapist where and how to massage my pain points away.

Q: What do you think are the pros and cons of Unknotify?

To me, Unknotify is a low-cost, one-time investment for pain management. It puts me in better control of my health, so I’m also investing in myself, my education. But it is not an instant pain relief. You still need to put in time and effort to plough through the online resources, and try to see what works for you.

I think I managed to reap the benefits because I was so desperate to get out of my pain situation. And it was so worth it.

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